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Taste Testing - Food & Beverage Research

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Product Testing, Brand Evaluation, and more!

Sensory insights or sensory research refers to the analysis of human reaction to our senses to help create new foods and beverages, understand the impact of branding and reformulate or reposition products.

Why do people like creamer or milk in their coffee, or the world famous PSL over a local coffee shop latte? Is it because of taste preference or branding?

Agilis conducted a blind taste test and non blind taste test using two major soft drink competitors (Soft Drink A and Soft Drink B). In the blind test Soft drink A was preferred by 64%. However in the non-blind test Soft Drink A was preferred by only 32%. IS fondness of the taste in the blind test a key factor in whether the consumer will purchase the drink?

Taste profile is not always synonymous with consumer preference. A consumer may purchase a product due to socio-economic factors. A consumer may choose a product due to brand loyalty.

However, determining taste profile for your target market is important. In another study conducted in a CLT designed setting Agilis setup a tasting study based on different coffee sensory preferences (Super-taster, medium-taster, non- taster). Agilis was able to determine which coffee taste would pair well with the clients current pastry products.

Clearly a combination of consumer and sensory preferences is key in helping companies make decisions.

At Agilis we combine various methodologies such as CLT studies, in-home studies, and online diaries to obtain a combination of consumer and sensory preferences.

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