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Why Market Research?

In today’s environment, companies have access to so much information and data on their customers, it can be overwhelming. Data is only useful if a company can understand the data and complement it with insights on customer decision making process & criteria, unmet needs, etc. Market Research is the answer.

Here are 10 of the many advantages of conducting Market Research:

  1. Strengthen your firm's position

  2. Lower investment risks

  3. Identify threats & opportunities

  4. Analyze your competitors

  5. Facilitate your Strategic Planning

  6. Helps you identify emerging trends early

  7. Helps you stay ahead of your competition

  8. Gives you customers' needs and demands

  9. Evaluate your current success or gaps in the market

  10. Help you generate Revenue Projections

Some of the areas we specialize in:

  • Major US city research (New York, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, etc.)

  • Consumer Brand Research

  • Product Testing

  • Market Sizing & Growth

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • B2B Qualitative Research to uncover market trends

  • Market Entry Strategy for foreign firms

Agilis Insights Principals believe in the power of Live Insights, to provide data & advice to our clients. This is why, over the past 28 years, we have gained experience in various fieldwork methods:

  • Online & Offline Focus Groups

  • In-depth interviews (phone, video, in-person, etc.)

  • Ethnographies

  • Online Surveys

  • Customer surveys

  • Message Boards

  • B2B Interviews

  • In-Home Use Tests

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