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From Market Research Project with 5 to 5,000 recruits, or from Consulting Advice on Market Entry Strategy to Innovation & Acquisition of Technology through M&A...learn about a few of our successes.

AI Sample Collection

The Results

Our client was able to cut in 3 the development time of their software.

By feeding it quality, tailored & recent data to learn: the software was able  be able to read and analyze with the highest accurracy.

Agilis approached this project from 2 angles:


  • Agilis own panel (AgilisHub) of more than 3million respondents. We started that by asking our panel to print a form and then hand write a fictional character's information in the form and then scan it to us alongside a typed version of the text.

  • Secondly we deployed our fieldwork team in 4 different states at train stations. Our teams offered a compensation to anyone who would agree to hand write fictional information into the form and then type-in exactly what they wrote on an IPad.

We then prepared a file matching the hand-writing of respondents and the matching typed version of the same text.

The Challenge

AI firm that read & analyzed Banking documents needed 8,000 sample of hand-writing to teach its system.

Our Approach

Market Entry Strategy

More on Product Testing & M&A

Market Entry Strategy: Middle East

Our approach was to provide insights into each segment's size & growth. As well as to understand the distribution channels in the Middle East and their key pain points to better help our client penetrate the market.


Agilis Data Analytics team used Big Data sets and fed it into our model to value each market segment and country and forecast their growth.


To gain Live local insights on how to penetrate the market through the right Distribution Channels we organized focus groups with potential buyers and partners to tailor our client's offering and price to the market reality.

We finished with Key-Opinion-Leaders interviews (TDIs) to uncover the necessary import requirements.

Our Approach

Our client's import/export sales of red meat were slowing down in the European Market. The firm was thinking of expanding to the Middle East.

The Challenge

We guided our client through a challenging Market Entry in the Middle East by advising them to focus on 3 market segments in only 2 of the original country to maximize their ROI.

The Middle East meat market subsequently became a significant motor to the growth of our client's firm.

The Results

More on Product Testing & M&A

Product Testing
in the USA

The Challenge

Our client, a major manufacturer of Coffee products, was looking to launch a new multi-beverage line in
the United States. Agilis was tasked with a large-scale taste testing/Product Concept Testing study to gather consumer insights pre-launch.

Our Approach


o Central location
o LOI=15 minutes
o Cell 1 Blind: each consumer try 2 products in monadic and sequential order N=3,000
o Cell 2 Branded: each consumer try 1 product in monadic N=3,000

  • Recruitment

o Panel
o Street Intercept

  • Target Market

o N= 2,500 New York City, NY
o N= 2,500 Los Angeles, CA

o N= 1,000 Austin, TX

 Respondents aged 20-65 years old
 50% male and 50% female

The blind test was able to determine how taste affected preferences among different
demographics. While the non-blind test was able to shed reality on the overall perception of market preferences and the impact or branding and brand recognition/reputation.

Our client was able to combine the preferences and perceptions from both tests to determine
the key attributes of the different samples and competitive competencies amongst brands.

The Results

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