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Product Testing

Product Optimization

Product optimization is critical to success in the marketplace. Our team is highly adept at planning and executing complex testing programs. We support a variety of methods for product testing, from the facility and central location testing to in-home or on-site testing, using qualitative/quantitative or hybrid approaches that best suit your product and test objectives.

For quantitative testing, we deploy a diverse range of online technology including mobile, online surveys and bulletin boards. These technologies help us identify quality feedback.



“In-Home Use Tests” or “Home Use Tests”, provide an opportunity to gain practical, present feedback on consumer products as they would typically be used in their real-life environment. IHUTs are particularly ideal where testing of products is over an extended period. We recruit your target consumers to test products with close attention to engagement levels required for this kind of study.


For a qualitative approach, moderators may be invited into the users’ homes to conduct an in-person interview regarding the use of the product. Additionally, we deploy a range of online qualitative technology, such as video diaries and webcam interviews to help you gain deeper insights.


‘Central Locations Tests ‘or ‘Hall Tests’ support researchers requiring respondents to have direct contact with a product under research.  Agilis Insights is experienced at managing all aspects of your CLT data collection from accommodating the particulars of your chosen technique to venue selection and finding and engaging your respondents through a variety of CLT recruitment solutions. We also support visual testing enhancements through mobile eye tracking labs.

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Taste Test

​We provide a range of food and drink testing solutions either in facility or at central locations that provide the right footfall and appropriate facilities to suit your particular needs. We support your preferred approach, be it branded or blind paired comparison tests or your proprietary technique. Depending on your chosen location, we pre-recruit or intercept and pre-screen participants to deliver a representative sample of respondents to support either a qualitative or quantitative approach. Our test teams are trained in this technique and follow strict guidelines in preparation and presentation to avoid cross contamination and ensure neutrality. For alcohol testing, we ensure local laws and protocols are applied to ensure responsible tasting.

Product Reviews

​Agilis Insights connects brands, e-commerce, and online retailers to their core consumers for proactive product ratings and reviews. Waiting for a consumer to rate and review a product post-purchase is agonizing. For many products, it never happens or doesn’t happen in quantity.  Proactively taking control of your ratings and reviews is crucial to a product’s success, especially at the beginning of the process.


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