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Fieldwork & Data Collection

As a company founded by Field Managers and Consultants, we know the importance of starting with the voice of the target market. Most notably, the accuracy of the insight, which can only be gained with quality and comprehensive data. In turn, the measurement results you need will be one of integrity and precision. 

At Agilis, we know that Fieldwork and Data Collection must be captured in a live situation. That is why we base all our market research on the voice of the individual, which is the best way for you to have objective customer and expert feedback. Agilis offers a team of professionals dedicated to managing projects encompassing any methodology or audience



Whether it’s in our global offices or working with our extensive network of vetted research partners, we handle everything from proposal to invoice, so you can focus on the research anywhere in the world.


The purpose of qualitative research is to go deeper into understanding insights into customer motivation and emotion. Qualitative research is about the “why." This approach can be useful for revealing aspects such as why customers like or dislike a brand, why they like particular marketing messages and dislike others, and what motivates actual consumer behavior.   

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Quantitative Market Research is designed to collect structured and statistical data that can be used to provide concrete insights. Quantitative data provides the statistics needed to quantify and validate conclusions drawn from qualitative data. Surveys are an effective method to capture data from large audiences.

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  • Agilis can run and manage every aspect of your project with you from start to finish.

  • Build deep relations with our recruits whether they are consumers or B2B

  • Our diverse is able to adapt to any unforeseen changes, to help you reach your goals.

  • Whether the project, the part of the globe, or the industry, our teams are always driven by excellence.


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