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What We Do

Full Service

Agilis is a full-service Market Research and Consulting Firm, providing you with a wide range of services. We can help you with all phases of your research study including: research design, data collection, analysis & reporting and strategic recommendations. We implement the hybrid approach combining Market Research and Strategy Research to provide actionable insights. Our agility, diversity and expertise can help design, conduct, and analyze data for any problem you need to solve or insight you might need.

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The only thing constant in business is change. With our Agile approach, we help you become more innovative, efficient, and effective to create customer and business value faster. With our AgilisHub and constant cooperation, we will be able to constantly reexamine facts and new data to respond to a wide variety of unexpected external surprises. Our agile approach minimizes waste of time and resources, reduces risk, and maximizes ROI.

In an ever-changing marketplace, we take pride in our ability make changes quickly to adapt to client needs and competitor offerings. This means that companies must be able to master both planning for unexpected changes, as well as have business processes in place that allow for changes.


Our desire to assist firms around the world starts with our belief that we can bring different perspectives and diversity to our client’s goals. At Agilis, we value professional and cultural diversity, as each of our 4 founders comes from different fields of experience and continents. With our background and diversity, we add value to our client’s goal by creating the right chemistry in collaboration and understanding and recruiting the right audiences for your projects. With more perspectives, comes better insights.  

Cultural and professional differences should be acknowledged, respected, and appreciated. Agilis encourages innovative thinking, good decision-making, greater flexibility, and more opportunities for managing change. Bringing in people who have different views on the same issue means you are more likely to bring diverse solutions to the table, thus improving the creativity of your team, which leads to a more informed decision-making process and improved results.

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