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Successful Market Research

Starts with the right recruitment


We are agile in our recruiting methodologies, with our expansive and ever-growing respondent database, personal and business connections, social network, Internet research and in-field engagements.


Our recruiters are capable to source new respondents in any international market for both qualitative and quantitative research. The ability to network effectively in remote locations and to find respondents for more challenging studies is one of our strongest assets. We have years of experience in connecting clients with those niche and hard-to-find participants. 

Maximizing value, minimizing time and cost

By providing you our agile ways of working, we help you become more innovative, efficient, and effective, and create customer and business value faster. With AgilisHub and constant cooperation with you we will be able to constantly reexamine facts and can respond to a wide variety of unexpected external surprises. Our agile approach minimizes waste of time and resources, reduces risk, and maximizes ROI. In a changing marketplace, we take pride in our ability make changes quickly to adapt to client needs and competitor offerings.

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The right insight, understanding the right participants

With our extensive background and commitment to diversity, we add value to our client’s goal by creating the right chemistry in collaboration to understand and recruit the right audiences/targets for your projects. We can recruit “hard-to-find” participants, a much-needed tool to capture and analyze data.


English - French - Spanish - Chinese - Vietnamese - Norwegian - German - Italian - Swedish - Danish


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