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In-home Use Tests are Exploding in Popularity

Although Covid-19 has halted company plans and decisions, research for new product development must still be conducted. The demand for contact-free research is on the rise, particularly for new concepts and product testing. IHUTs are a great way to gain insights into new products and concepts before they hit the market.

An In-Home Usage Test is a consumer testing method where the respondent uses the product in-home. IHUTs are effective because they capture real-time feedback through the consumer journey. Consumers use the product in the intended environment versus a simulated or artificial environment. This produces genuine insights on usage, perception, and satisfaction.

Usually, the consumer tests the product and then provides feedback through an online survey or a video upload. This can be done at the inception of the product usage for the initial impressions.

Then one at the conclusion to measure satisfaction and purchase intent.

Some of the benefits and questions answered from IHUT methodology include:

- Generating feedback before the product is launched on the market

- Does the new concept work as originally hypothesized?

- Convenience of home (Natural environment) makes consumers more willing to provide genuine feedback

- Cost-Effective

- Measurement of key KPIs including acceptance, appeal, satisfaction, and most importantly purchase intent.

Agilis can design, conduct, and analyze the survey responses and data to produce actionable insights.

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