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The Rise of Indie Development

The pandemic, and our re-emergence from it, are reshaping the gaming industry. Independent game development has grown from a niche to the hottest trends right now within the gaming industry. We have seen retail releases dwindle in favor of digital downloads and that gaming demographics have shifted wildly to include almost everyone we know.

What has caused the growth of Indie games?

- Downloading games from digital marketplaces such as Steam or Epic Games have become the new norm, replacing video game discs. Smaller video game companies no longer have to dedicate a portion of their already small budget to print out games into discs. They could simply upload their game onto the Xbox Store or Steam at a cheaper price.

- Triple A titles with all their budget, set high expectations for their flagship games only to disappoint. A recent example of this was the crash and burn of Cyberpunk made by CD Projekt Red. After hyping their game up for close to 10 years, and a budget size of 316 million dollars, it was released in a completely unfinished, and borderline unplayable state. Other examples of this include, Star Wars Battlefront 2, No Man’s Sky, and Fallout 76.

- Triple A titles sell for 60 to 70 dollars compared to indie games that average at around 25 dollars with sometimes similar amounts of content. Some of the biggest games in recent memory are indie titles like Minecraft or Terraria.

Agilis can provide custom reports on the online gaming industry in the following areas:

- Console Gaming

- PC Gaming

- Online

- Solo & Multiplayer

- Competitive/esports

- Real-time strategy

- Indie

- Streaming Support

Some of the areas we specialize in:

· Major US city research (New York, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, etc.)

· Consumer Brand Research

· Product Testing

· Market Sizing & Growth

· Competitive Intelligence

· B2B Qualitative Research to uncover market trends

· Market Entry Strategy for foreign firms.

Agilis Insights Principals believe in the power of Live Insights, to provide data & advice to our clients. This is why, over the past 28 years, we have gained experience in various fieldwork methods:

· Online & Offline Focus Groups

· In-depth interviews (phone, video, in-person, etc.)

· Ethnographies

· Online Surveys

· Customer surveys

· Message Boards

· B2B Interviews

· In-Home Use Tests

· Diary Study

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