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B2B Market Research

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Qualitative B2B Market Research can help you understand the pain-points, unmet needs, decision making process and more of the users, influencers and final decision makers in the organizations you target.

Key Questions:

What is the decision making process?

How & Why does a business decides to work with a particular supplier?

What level of management was involved in the decision making process (VP, Director, Manager, CxO)?


Qualitative TDIs, IDIs in B2B:

An IDI or an In-depth interview is a qualitative research method used to collect data in a more intimate one-on-one engagement. IDI’s are particularly effective for B2B research to discover topics, unmet needs and other insights that our clients aren't aware of before the project.

At Agilis we help you define who the target customer base and decision making personal is. Companies will differ in terms of decision-making, size, stakeholders, and numerous other factors. A company's “purchasing habits” might change from company to company within the same industry. IDI’s can deliver key insights into that main question in B2B research; What is your customers decision making process?

Don't hesitate to reach out at: for additional information or scheduling a call with our principals.

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